Adorable Bathtub Non-Slip Stickers

We just purchased a “fixer-upper” that has an old porcelain bathtub. And I actually love the bathtub but, I quickly discovered how slippery a porcelain tub can be. So I decided to get a bath mat for it. This way when I take a shower, I will feel secure and not have to worry about slipping. But I also want something non-slip for when my grandkids come over. I didn’t want to have to constantly remove a mat. I wanted something more permanent. So I decided to look into some stickers.

I found some of the most adorable bathtub non-slip stickers. The set that I choose is the Sea Creature Non-Slip Stickers. This set of sea creature stickers contains 20 adorable ocean characters. There are all sorts of fish including a clownfish that looks like Nemo. And there are shells, crabs, a whale, starfish, and a sea turtle.

All you have to do is apply these stickers to the bottom of a clean dry bathtub by removing the backing paper. Press them down so they are attached.

These non-slip bathtub stickers are a bit rough to the touch. This is intentional as they are designed so people don’t slip while taking a shower or bathing. I like that they make bath time safe, yet they are not so rough that they hurt the baby’s bottom. I actually have taken a bath with the stickers in the bathtub and it was actually fine. I like that I feel safer getting in and out of the tub. But more importantly, I feel better about my grand babies playing in the tub and not slipping.

The kids really seem to love these colorful sea creature stickies.

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