Adorable Octo-Sorter Bath Toy

When it comes to bath time with toddlers, I always love toys that encourage thinking and learning. This Octopus Bath Toy is brightly colored and soft to the touch. It is great for playing both in the bathtub as well as out of the bathtub. It floats and is available is available in five colors. The colors available are Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple and green as in the image above.

This floating bath toy is really cool. It is a sort of puzzle that floats in bathwater. There are 5 different shaped cups that are numbered and they each fit into the slots in the Octopus’s feet.

I like that this Octo-Sorter is very reasonably priced and is a great educational play buddy for bath time. Children become familiar with shapes, colors and can also practice counting. There are endless ways to play with this toy.

This colorful friend would also be fun to bring to the beach.

When bath time is done, simply hang to dry or simply place in a bath toy storage so it can dry out completely until the next bath.

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