Alex Bath Toys

Alex Toys has an entire line of Bathtub Toys for toddlers. Bathtub time can be a lot of fun for kids. But as parents we can also make it an educational time. I like that Alex Toys has a huge selection of toys for toddler boys and girls. Check out this cool video. They really have a huge selection of toddler toys.

The featured toy today is the Alex Toys Rub a Dub Shaving in the Tub

All little boys and little girls love to pretend to be grown up. And boys love emulating their father or grand father with learning how to shave. They love to pretend that they have a beard or mustache that they need to shave off. I love that this Alex kids shaving kit is really fun and makes kids feel like they are really shaving.

This set comes with soap that foams up just like shaving jell. It contains a pretentd shaver. And it contains a lathering brush. It also comes with a comb and a mirror which makes this kids pretend shaving kit perfect for playing in the bath tub.

Kids can look at themselves in the mirror as they are shaving their face.

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