Ambi Duck Family – Childs Bathtime Toy

ambi duck familyIf you are looking for a cute duck bath toy for a gift, then I have the perfect gift. This Ambi Duck Family Bathtime Toy is terific. It is a colorful duck family! And The Mother duck has room for her three little chicks inside her tail end.

The mother duck is 7 inches tall and she is plastic and matches her little ones. They are made of hard plastic that holds up well and can be played with for years and be passed down to younger siblings. Also the colors don’t fade.

These ducks help toddlers with recognizing the primary colors and can practice counting. Plus they get to simply have fun as they play in the bath tub.

These ducks float on top of the water and are sure to bring enjoyment to any childs bath time.

Younger children may need a bit of help removing the little ducks from the mothers tail but that is really the only con with this toy.

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1 thought on “Ambi Duck Family – Childs Bathtime Toy

  1. Mike

    Now this is a quality bath toy! Those ducks are just adorable. Not only will they have a lot of fun they will also appreciate more the time with their families thanks to this great piece. Very visual stimulating. Great job sharing it!


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