B. Fish and Splish Boat

B. Fish and Splish BoatThis B. Fish and Splish Boat is and excellent bath toy for a small child. I like it for several reasons. The biggest reason being that there are lots of activities to keep your child entertained.

This boat floats in the bathtub and contains a cheerful captain with a white beard. And there is a colorful life preserver so all the toys will be safe.

There is also a fishing hook that kids can use to catch fish. The neat thing with these fish is their back fin (tail) is in the shape of a sort of hook. It really is cute. And since the fish have a hook, it makes it easier for children to catch the fish. This activity is excellent for hand eye coordination. Which makes this a great toy for learning. There are four fish included in this B. Fish and Splish Boat toy for bath tub.

B. Fish and Splish Boat fish

There are also 3 nesting cups as well as an Octopus comb and a whale nailbrush. These are all great items to help encourage learning. Your child can learn to sort and stack. And one of the cups has little holes in it so when the water comes through it creates a sort of shower which is loads of fun.

If you want an excellent gift for a toddler or for several kids then this is the perfect gift. It is a winner for bath tub fun, but would also be great for the sand box or swimming pool.

I also love the fact the clean up is really easy. Simply put the smaller toys, fish and other items below deck until the next bath.

In conclusion the B. Fish and Splish Boat is a great deal for the money.

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