Baby Bath Games

Baby Bath Games are fun! And they are a great way to bond with your little one. Also baby bathing games play a huge role in encouraging learning. Here are some of the baby bath games that are popular with toddlers.

  • stackertoyStacking games teach hand eye coordination. Plus stacking bowls and other objects help teach balance. The higher the stack goes, the harder it is to keep balance. A great example is this Munchkin Snail Stacker Bath Toy.
  • Fishing games are a great way for kids to play in the bath tub. They can throw in their line and fish for some cute friends. Catching fish will keep your child engaged and want to stay in the tub for more fun.
  • Ring Toss is a fun baby bath game. And there are a lot of different kind of ring toss games available. My favorite is this nuby Octopus Bath Time Toss. He is adorable and his leggs catch the different colored rings.
  • Squirting games are also really fun for the bath tub. Kids love to squirt things. And there are many squirt toys made especially for the bathtub for kids to squirt their little hearts out.
  • Catching games are similar to fishing games. You can throw some smaller toys into the tub. Then your child can use a net to fish them out. When you count as you do it, you are also creating a teaching moment.
  • Throwing games can be fun as well. You can add a small basketball hoop to the wall of the tub and then let your child try and get the ball through the hoop.
  • Counting games can be fun as well. There are lots of bath toys that come in a variety of colors and sizes with large quantities so your little one can practice counting.

These are just a few baby bath games that you can play with your baby or toddler. Bath time is a great way to bond and play with your child.

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