Baby Bath Toys and Calming Overstimulated Baby

image courtesy of bath toys serve a lot of purposes. They keep your child occupied, they educate, and they are fun. But they can also help to soothe and calm.

One of the tricks that I learned early on with my babies was that a warm bath is a great way to calm down an over stimulated or overtired baby.

The warmth of the water for some reason always has a calming effect. And if you turn down the lights a bit and even add some calming music in the back ground you will find that their little eyes will start to get heavy. I also like to add some calming baby bath wash like Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath. It is scented of lavender and vanilla which is known for it’s calming effects.

Baby bath toys can also help to calm your child and get them ready to tradition from bath-time to bedtime.

It is important to choose a “comfort” bath toy that helps make your baby feel secure. I find that often a small soft baby doll will do the trick or a small chew toy helps to soothe baby in the bathtub.

When choosing a chew tub toy, be sure that there are no small parts that can cause chocking. I like squirt bath tub toys or foam bath tub toys. Neither of these make noise and they are safe to chew on.

Buy using “quiet time” toys in the bathtub, your child will be relaxed and ready for bed once the bath is done. They may even be falling asleep as you are dressing them in their pajamas.

Do you find that a warm bath with some baby bath toys helps to calm baby?

2 thoughts on “Baby Bath Toys and Calming Overstimulated Baby

  1. Kristy

    Interesting article, I didn’t think about temperature playing a role in soothing a baby. The combination of warmth and the scent of lavender sounds very effective!


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