Bath Toy Holder No Suction Cups

Anyone with small kids know how it seems that toys end up all over the house. Including the bathtub.

Kids love bath time and playing with toys but storing bath toys can be a challenge. I mean, as a parent, it isn’t fun constantly picking up wet toys.

So a good bath toy storage unit is important. I personally prefer a bath toy holder with no suction sups. Maybe it is just me but the ones with suction cups simply don’t stay. Or sometimes they stay, then 2 hours later I find that the toys storage has fallen.

This is why I recommend bath toy storage that doesn’t include suction cups.

The Best Bath Toy Storage without suction cups…

Depending on your style I have three of the best bath tub holders that I recommend.

Features that are important to me.

  • No crappy suction cups!
  • Solutions for drying wet toys. Toys are able to quickly drip dry so there is no risk of mold and mildew.
  • Can hold a pretty good around of toys. I don’t want to invest is a bath toy storage that can only hold a few toys.
  • visually appealing – It is important to me that my bathroom looks appealing to the eye.
  • Easy Cleanup!

Here are my 3 tops picks!

Boon-Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Drain and Storage

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

Kidskit / Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch

1 thought on “Bath Toy Holder No Suction Cups

  1. play time

    I never could find a great bath toy holder. They either got mildew or rusted and like you said the suction toy ones only hold a few toys. You offer a great solution with your recommendations. thx for sharing!


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