Big Dragonfly High Quality Cute Pirate Ship Kits

If you are looking for the perfect bath time toy that has lots of activities for your toddler, then this Big Dragonfly High Quality Cute Pirate Ship Kit is sure to be a hit.

This Big Dragonfly Pirate ship is made of “green” materials that are safe for kids.

I like that this ship has tons of activities that encourage fun but also learning.

Really, there is lots to do!

This ship has a captain with a patch who steers the wheel.

There is a red button in the front of the ship that can be pushed. When you do that, water comes out of the bottom and makes the bottom of the ship spin around.

There is a basin that your child can fill with bath water and pour it into the ship. Then you can make the cannon shoot water out. Also, water comes out of the cabin.

One of the features that I like is that the back of the ship has two suction cups so it can stick to the wall or bath tub.

This pirate ship would also be great for a toddler pool or a sand box. And it would make a perfect gift for a boy or a girl.

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