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The perfect bat toys for boys.

Crayola Bathtub Crayons

play visions crayola bathtub crayonsI think one of the biggest fantasy of kids is to be able to draw on walls with crayons. And that is exactly what kids get to do with Crayola Bathtub Crayons.

I like that Bathtub crayons give kids a chance to be creative and draw or write all over the tub and tile walls. They get to express their self in a save way as these crayons are non toxic. They are easy to wash off.

Crayola Bathtub Crayons can also make bath time educational. You could encourage your child to practice writing letters or numbers as well as words. And they will be so entertained with the crayons that they don’t realize they are getting clean.

This set comes with 9 bright colored crayons.

Crayola Bathtub Markers

Crayola also has Markers that are also safe to use. Crayola Bathtub Markers are nice if your child tends to break crayons. Markers wont break into smaller pieces like the crayons will. They are a bit bolder

and darker but just as easy to wash away. This set comes with 4 traditional colors, red, blue, green, orange and there is also a mystery color which is always fun.

crayola 40-count washable no drip painCrayola 40-Count Washable No Drip Paint Brush Pens

Painting is another fun way to do art in the tub and these crayola paint brush pens are perfect. They are so much fun! The pen is easy to use as the paint flows very easily down to the brush. There is no need to squeeze the pens. They paint very easily and kids love them. Just like the crayons and markers, the paint easily washes away when bath time is done.

Disney Bath Toys

This time of year Disney Products are very popular, especially when there is a new Hit movie like Disney Frozen released onto DVD. So I wanted to share with you some of the adorable Disney Bath Toys available for Spring. Any of the Disney tub toys on this page would make a great gift for the Easter Basket this year. I hope you find something that you like.

Frozen Olaf’s Summer Tea Set

frozen tea setIf you are familiar with Disney Frozen then you probably know that Olaf is a snow man and sadly as a snowman he can’t be in a warm bath nor can he drink tea. Or can he? With this Frozen Olaf’s Summer Tea Set your child can play tea time with Olaf! This set is perfect for entertaining in the bath tub or in the swimming pool.

Olafs body is made of 4 teacups that attach. His head is the tea pot. There are also 4 matching saucers and 4 lemon slices.  This is the perfect tea set for playing pretend in the bathtub.

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Mickey Mouse and Friends Squeeze Toy Set – 5-Pc

Mickey Mouse and Friends Squeeze Toy Set - 5-PcWhen it comes to bath-time or the beach there is nothing more fun the squeeze toys. And if your child is a Disney fan then this Mickey Mouse and Friends Squeeze Toy Set – 5-Pc is sure to be a hit. This set comes with Micky, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald.

These Disney bath toys are here to play for hours. I like that for squeeze toys, they are a really good size for small hands. They are much larger then you would expect them to be.

These Disney characters are made very well and are high quality. They are bright a cheerful and sure to bring hours of fun for the bath tub as kids play and squirt water.

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Disney 5 Pc. Finding Nemo Bath Toy Set

Disney 5 pc. finding nemo bath toy setDid you love Finding Nemo as much as I did? Kids love it too and they will certainly love this Disney 5 Pc. Finding Nemo Bath Toy Set. This set comes with 5 colorful and water safe character bath toys. They are the perfect size for toddlers hands. This bath toy is recommend for children 18 months or older.

This set of adorable Disney toys comes with a carry and storage case. This set is sure to make bath time fun! Kids will be begging you for a bath!

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Best Bubble Bath Toys

VTech Sing and Learn Whale Bubble MachineToddlers love to play with bubbles. But bubbles are not just for outside. There are many bubble bath toys and bath bubble machines available for toddlers. The thing that is great about playing with bubbles in the tub is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside.

If you have a child who hates bath-time, then you may want to consider adding bubble to bath-time. Bubbles are fun and perfect for encouraging your child to take a bath. Your child will play while getting clean. And that is a good thing. So here is a list of some of the Best Bubble Bath Toys that I have found.

VTech Sing and Learn Whale Bubble Machine Bath Toy

I love this Whale Bubble Machine Bath toy. Not only does it provide lots of bubbles, but it also plays music. There is actually eighteen different melodies and songs, plus there are phrases that toddlers will enjoy. I also like that there are some interactive buttons each for a different sea animal. This is great for helping to develop fine motor skills. Kids get to learn about different animals as well as colors and they think they are just having fun!

This Bubble Machine Bath Toy easily attaches to the tile wall because it comes with suction cups. Simply pour some bubble solution in the spout and then watch as the fun begins.

VTech has a few other interactive bath toys for the tub that include bubbles. Here they are:

Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower Toy

Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower ToyThis Bubble Bath toy is really neat and fun for bath time. Simply fill the penguin with bubble solution. Then attach the Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower Toy to the side of the tub with the suction cups. Then turn it on and watch as the wand spins and bubbles begin to blow out.

This bubble machine will keep your child entertained. They will have so much fun trying to catch the bubbles and pop the bubbles. What fun! This toy is the perfect gift for toddlers.


Thomas The Train: Bath Buddies Fun Pack

thomas the train bath buddiesThomas the Tank has been a popular item for kids for quite a few years. I know my son loved Thomas the Tank. So I had to add this fun bath toy to my blog.

Thomas The Train: Bath buddies Fun Pack is the perfect toy for a toddler boy or girl. It is colorful and includes three different toys with three different activities. There is a Thomas car that is a squirter. So your child can squeeze it and suck up some water with it and the squirt it at the other cars or anywhere.

There is a boat shaped car that works great as a scooper and there is a yellow car that is a strainer. These fun friends are sure to bring fun to bath time. And they are also fun outside of the bath.

These Thomas the Tank bath toys are are the perfect size for little hands to hold onto and enjoy.  I think if you child likes Thomas and his friends then this set of bath buddies would be a great addition to your toy collection.

B. Fish and Splish Boat

B. Fish and Splish BoatThis B. Fish and Splish Boat is and excellent bath toy for a small child. I like it for several reasons. The biggest reason being that there are lots of activities to keep your child entertained.

This boat floats in the bathtub and contains a cheerful captain with a white beard. And there is a colorful life preserver so all the toys will be safe.

There is also a fishing hook that kids can use to catch fish. The neat thing with these fish is their back fin (tail) is in the shape of a sort of hook. It really is cute. And since the fish have a hook, it makes it easier for children to catch the fish. This activity is excellent for hand eye coordination. Which makes this a great toy for learning. There are four fish included in this B. Fish and Splish Boat toy for bath tub.

B. Fish and Splish Boat fish

There are also 3 nesting cups as well as an Octopus comb and a whale nailbrush. These are all great items to help encourage learning. Your child can learn to sort and stack. And one of the cups has little holes in it so when the water comes through it creates a sort of shower which is loads of fun.

If you want an excellent gift for a toddler or for several kids then this is the perfect gift. It is a winner for bath tub fun, but would also be great for the sand box or swimming pool.

I also love the fact the clean up is really easy. Simply put the smaller toys, fish and other items below deck until the next bath.

In conclusion the B. Fish and Splish Boat is a great deal for the money.

Shark Bath Toys

BeginAgain Bathtub Ball-Eco Friendly Rubber Bathtub Toy

beginagain bathtub ballDo you have a shark lover in your life? This Bathtub Ball is the perfect shark bath toy for the tub. The ball protects the diver from a shark attack. I like that it encourages imaginative play. This a ball cage. Inside is the courageous diver. He can see the sharks but is safe from getting eaten up. This cage comes with two cute sharks and and purple octopus. Somehow, they don’t look very scary to me.

Now lets talk about the bathtub ball for a moment. This is not made of your typical plastic like most bath toys, this is made of natural rubber so it is Eco friendly. And it is soft and will not hurt your child if they should happen to chew on the ball. This rubber ball is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and hang dry. You can store the toys inside the ball.

This shark attack toy is perfect for babies since they are made of soft material and the parts are large enough that they are safe. And your child will continue to play with this toy well into their toddler years. This rubber shark toy is certain to be a hit in the bath tub as well as the swimming pool or beach. And of course it will make a terrific gift for any child.

Rubber Shark Family Bathtub Pals – Floating Bath Tub Toy

rubber shark bathtub palsI have to say this is the best great white shark toy out there. It is perfect for the pool or taking a bath. I love it.

These sharks are made of rubber and are little squeak toys.

There is a big giant shark that floats on top of the water and the three little baby sharks float on top of the mother shark. These little sharks will certainly offer lots of fun in the bath tub. I like that they are one big happy family.

Bathtime Fun Water Drums 4010

Does your child love music? Then this ALEX® Toys – Bathtime Fun Water Drums 4010 will make the perfect gift for you little musician.

bathtime fun water drumsI love this drum set for the bathtub! It is perfect for toddlers because they get to make music while bathing.

This two piece drum set is made for making music in the bath tub. It comes with two yellow drum sticks. Your child will have so much fun playing music they will not want bath-time to end.

You and your child can change the sounds the drumming makes simply by changing the level of the water in the drums. It will be fun to experiment and see what tones you like the best.


But, no worries, these Bathtime Fun Water Drums is also perfect for outside of the tub as well.

This toy comes with a booklet full of songs. And there are color coded notes to make learning easy. Your child will be entertained and playing music for hours.

Believe it or not, these drums sound good. And I promise you will not be too annoyed with the drumming. It is loud enough that the kids can hear but not noisy enough to get on the nerves of us adults.

Children can pound on the drums and make different sounds. Kids will also enjoy looking through the bottom of the drum to see through the bath water. They can spy out their other toys that might be laying at the bottom of the tub. The drums also work to hold water as a sort of boat since these drums float easily. So they can easily work as a cup to pour water over your head and rinse out shampoo.

These Water drums are very durable so they can handle a lot of play and will last for several years. You will be able to pass them down to other children.

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Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net

boon water bugs floating toyIf you are looking for a toy to help toddlers with developing their fine motor skills then this is a great toy. It is a toy net that is used to collect three little bugs from the water.  Kids develop their hand eye coordination as they work to scoop the bugs up one at a time until they collect all three bugs. It also becomes a challenge for little ones as they try to collect all 3 bugs at the same time.

The net is available in two colors, green like the image picture or orange. This toy is recommended for children 9 months of age or older.

This bath toy is super easy to keep dry and free of mold as there are not holes or any places for water to hide. It is a plus that there are no sharp corners on this toy so there is little chance of injury. I also like that clean up is easy as well. Simply scoop up the bugs and you are all cleaned up.

Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net, Green would also be perfect for the swimming pool or beach.

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Alex Toys Pirates of The Tub

Little boys and girls love playing pretend. So this Alex Toys Pirates of The Tub is sure to be a hit.

Pirate Bathtub ToyThis Pirate toy is a floating raft made of foam. So all of the foam pieces float in the water and can stick to the side of the bathtub wall. It is a large set that has lots of pieces, 38 in all. So it is sure to keep any child entertained while taking a bath. But it would also be fun for a toddlers swimming pool.

The 38 pieces include a Pirate people that can fill up with water a squirt. But there is the island piece which is sort of like a puzzle. They connect together and are strong enough to hold quite a bit of toys. But you can also build a pirate ship. There is also a mesh storage bag for helping the toys to dry out.

This alex toys pirates tub encourages imaginative play. Kids will have so much fun playing with this pirate set.

VTech Pour and Float Froggy Electronic Bath Toy

Float FroggyThis is the best bathtub toy for toddlers. This cute frog is an electronic water fountain that works automatically. When you lay the frog on his back, water squirts up like a fountain. Plus this  comes with 3 little cups that nest together inside of the frogs belly. You little one can fill the cups with water, or stack them into a tall tower, or simply nest them. My favorite part is the fact that this bath toy is interactive. When you child presses on his tummy the frog plays music and says a few cute phrases.

VTech Pour and Float Froggy Electronic Bath Toy