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The perfect bath toys for little girls

Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy

Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath ToyBreyer makes the best horse toys for kids. And this Breyer Jasimine Color Surprise Bath toy is no different. This horse is pink and white(light pink). She is 7 and a half inches tall. It is recommended for children 3 and up.

This bathtub toy horse is perfect for little boys or girls that love horses. It is really sturdy and can hold up to lots and lots of baths.

The horse is designed to change colors when it is submerged in warm water. The color changes from pink to white when it gets wet. And then it turns back to pink when the horse is dry.

Also there are a lot of accessories that go with it. It comes with slippers and a blanket to keep Jasmin when she isn’t being bathed. It also comes with a brush so you can brush the mane which is both dark pink and light pink.

This Breyer Jasmine horse has a mane of hair that can be combed and brushed. One of the nice things about this horse is the hair stays soft even after it gets wet, so the hair doesn’t get all tangled up.

This bathtub horse toy would make a great gift.


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Fun Wind Up Bath Toys

finding nemo wind up bath toyWhen my kids were little one of their favorite bath toys were the wind up bath toys. They just loved watching them spin around or soar through the water.

These are fun because they moved all around the bath tub on their own. My kids had a huge collection of wind up toys which were also fun to play with out side of the bath tub.

The way most wind up toys work, is there is a little clip or leaver that sticks out of the toy. You turn it until it wont turn any more. As you turn the clip you are creating a tension. So don’t release it until you are ready to see it soar. 🙂 When you release the leaver it will spin around which cause the toy to move about the bath tub. And it will move pretty quickly.

There are many different kinds of wind up toys available for the pool and bathtub. There are boats that move across the top of the bath water and fish like Disney’s Nemo which swim on the bottom of the tub. There are even action figure that can swim across the bottom of the bathtub.

Wind Up Toys are Perfect for older children over 4 who are able to wind up the toys on their own.

I don’t recommend for younger kids or toddlers as the spinner could be too difficult to maneuver for smaller finger. And if the spinner were to fall out, it could cause a danger of chocking.


My First Disney Princess Secret Reveal Baby Ariel Doll

My-First-Disney-Princess-SecretAre you looking for the perfect gift for a little girl who loves Disney Little Mermaid? This, My First Disney Princess Secret Reveal Baby Ariel Doll
is the perfect toy for inside and outside of the bath.

First of all she is adorable. She has a pretty purple crown and is wearing a pretty bathing top and has a green fin that turns pink when the doll is placed in water.

Also, if you look at the tail while is is submerged in warm water you will see some cute sea shapes. Cool! Want to turn the fin green again? All you need to do is simply submerge in cold

The Ariel doll is a plastic doll that is designed to get wet. It is really easy to drain and doesn’t collect water, so there is no worries about mold or mildew.

My-First-Disney-Princess-Secret1This doll comes with a cute flounder bath puff which your child can you to soap up her body. There is also a seashell cup. You child can use to seashell cup to pour warm water over the tail.

This My First Disney Princess Secret Reveal Baby Ariel Doll
is sure to be a hit for any occasion.

If you are looking for some other Ariel bath toys be sure to visit my Ariel Bath Accessories page.

Lifelike Baby Dolls For Bathtime Play

One of the best toys for bath time is a lifelike baby doll. Girls and boys love to play pretend. And girls especially really enjoy pretending to be Mommy taking care of her baby.

Toy dolls are great to creativity as well as learning. Playing with a doll teaches the child about the different body parts. Plus it teaches them how to be kind and loving and care for something.

Regular toy dolls can get destroyed if they become wet, especially if the toy get submerged in water. But lifelike baby dolls can be treated just like a real baby. Little mommy’s or Daddy’s can wash the babies hair and body and there is no worries of damaging the toy. Simply dry off the doll with a terry cloth.

Here are some of the dolls that I recommend for bath-time.

 Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy Doll

First of all, Isn’t he just the cutest?! Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy Doll is the perfect size for a toddler. It is easy to hold onto and has a nice vanilla scent. It dries very quickly if you let it air dry.

After bath time, when you lay him down for a bath, his eyes close as he goes to sleep. His body is soft so your little one can even sleep with baby if they want to.

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll is also available.

Little Baby 13″ Bathtime Doll Bath Set for Kids

I like that this 13 inch doll comes with it’s own bath-tub as well as fun accessories to go along with it. The shower head is movable and really works. So it makes bathing the baby even more fun.

After your child baths this little one she can dress here in the bathrobe and baby clothes that are included.



Bathtub Basketball Hoop

Shoot & Splash Basketball Hoop Bathtub Bath Toy for kids with 3 Balls

Little boys often hate to take baths unless you can entice them with some fun toys. So I recommend a Bathtub Basketball hoop to play with.

With a Bathtub Basketball hoop you can attach it securely to the tile on the wall with suction cups. This way while your child is sitting in the tub they can try to get the ball through the hoop. The only concern I have is that if you child is small, they may try to stand up. So you will want to make sure you have some slip guards on the bottom of the bath so they don’t slip. But you can also keep the basket lower on the wall for smaller kids so they don’t have to desire to stand up.

Also be sure to put some towels down on the floor just in case water should splash out when the ball hits the water.

One thing I do know is that a bathtub basketball hoop with balls is a hit with kids. They love it and are really motivated to get into the bathtub.

Here are a couple of the basketball hoops for bathtub that I recommend:

Shoot & Splash Basketball Hoop Bathtub Bath Toy for kids with 3 Balls

The Shoot & Splash Basketball Hoop Bathtub Bath Toy shown above is perfect for toddlers. It is very colorful and pretty and comes with 3 Balls, blue, red and yellow. It easily attaches to the bathtub tile wall. The hoop is popular as it has only 5 star reviews over at

This basketball hoop would make a wonderful gift for any boy or girl who needs a bit of motivation to take a bath. The only problem is getting them out of the bath tub later. They will want to play for a while.

Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Basketball Tub Toss Gift Set, 5 pc - Hoop With Net, Splash Balls & Body WashNickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Basketball Tub Toss Gift Set, 5 pc – Hoop With Net, Splash Balls & Body Wash

This Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants Basketball Tub Toss Gift Set, 5 pc – Hoop With Net, Splash Balls & Body Wash is sure to be a hit with your child. I mean, who doesn’t love Sponge Bob.

This set also attaches to the tile wall with suction cups. It contains 3 soft splash balls that are really cute. They have images of the SpongeBob characters and eyeballs. I think this set is sure to be a hit with kids. It is bright and colorful and fun!

As a bonus, this set also comes with body-wash!

Crayola Bathtub Crayons

play visions crayola bathtub crayonsI think one of the biggest fantasy of kids is to be able to draw on walls with crayons. And that is exactly what kids get to do with Crayola Bathtub Crayons.

I like that Bathtub crayons give kids a chance to be creative and draw or write all over the tub and tile walls. They get to express their self in a save way as these crayons are non toxic. They are easy to wash off.

Crayola Bathtub Crayons can also make bath time educational. You could encourage your child to practice writing letters or numbers as well as words. And they will be so entertained with the crayons that they don’t realize they are getting clean.

This set comes with 9 bright colored crayons.

Crayola Bathtub Markers

Crayola also has Markers that are also safe to use. Crayola Bathtub Markers are nice if your child tends to break crayons. Markers wont break into smaller pieces like the crayons will. They are a bit bolder

and darker but just as easy to wash away. This set comes with 4 traditional colors, red, blue, green, orange and there is also a mystery color which is always fun.

crayola 40-count washable no drip painCrayola 40-Count Washable No Drip Paint Brush Pens

Painting is another fun way to do art in the tub and these crayola paint brush pens are perfect. They are so much fun! The pen is easy to use as the paint flows very easily down to the brush. There is no need to squeeze the pens. They paint very easily and kids love them. Just like the crayons and markers, the paint easily washes away when bath time is done.

Disney Bath Toys

This time of year Disney Products are very popular, especially when there is a new Hit movie like Disney Frozen released onto DVD. So I wanted to share with you some of the adorable Disney Bath Toys available for Spring. Any of the Disney tub toys on this page would make a great gift for the Easter Basket this year. I hope you find something that you like.

Frozen Olaf’s Summer Tea Set

frozen tea setIf you are familiar with Disney Frozen then you probably know that Olaf is a snow man and sadly as a snowman he can’t be in a warm bath nor can he drink tea. Or can he? With this Frozen Olaf’s Summer Tea Set your child can play tea time with Olaf! This set is perfect for entertaining in the bath tub or in the swimming pool.

Olafs body is made of 4 teacups that attach. His head is the tea pot. There are also 4 matching saucers and 4 lemon slices.  This is the perfect tea set for playing pretend in the bathtub.

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Mickey Mouse and Friends Squeeze Toy Set – 5-Pc

Mickey Mouse and Friends Squeeze Toy Set - 5-PcWhen it comes to bath-time or the beach there is nothing more fun the squeeze toys. And if your child is a Disney fan then this Mickey Mouse and Friends Squeeze Toy Set – 5-Pc is sure to be a hit. This set comes with Micky, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald.

These Disney bath toys are here to play for hours. I like that for squeeze toys, they are a really good size for small hands. They are much larger then you would expect them to be.

These Disney characters are made very well and are high quality. They are bright a cheerful and sure to bring hours of fun for the bath tub as kids play and squirt water.

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Disney 5 Pc. Finding Nemo Bath Toy Set

Disney 5 pc. finding nemo bath toy setDid you love Finding Nemo as much as I did? Kids love it too and they will certainly love this Disney 5 Pc. Finding Nemo Bath Toy Set. This set comes with 5 colorful and water safe character bath toys. They are the perfect size for toddlers hands. This bath toy is recommend for children 18 months or older.

This set of adorable Disney toys comes with a carry and storage case. This set is sure to make bath time fun! Kids will be begging you for a bath!

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Shark Bath Toys

BeginAgain Bathtub Ball-Eco Friendly Rubber Bathtub Toy

beginagain bathtub ballDo you have a shark lover in your life? This Bathtub Ball is the perfect shark bath toy for the tub. The ball protects the diver from a shark attack. I like that it encourages imaginative play. This a ball cage. Inside is the courageous diver. He can see the sharks but is safe from getting eaten up. This cage comes with two cute sharks and and purple octopus. Somehow, they don’t look very scary to me.

Now lets talk about the bathtub ball for a moment. This is not made of your typical plastic like most bath toys, this is made of natural rubber so it is Eco friendly. And it is soft and will not hurt your child if they should happen to chew on the ball. This rubber ball is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and hang dry. You can store the toys inside the ball.

This shark attack toy is perfect for babies since they are made of soft material and the parts are large enough that they are safe. And your child will continue to play with this toy well into their toddler years. This rubber shark toy is certain to be a hit in the bath tub as well as the swimming pool or beach. And of course it will make a terrific gift for any child.

Rubber Shark Family Bathtub Pals – Floating Bath Tub Toy

rubber shark bathtub palsI have to say this is the best great white shark toy out there. It is perfect for the pool or taking a bath. I love it.

These sharks are made of rubber and are little squeak toys.

There is a big giant shark that floats on top of the water and the three little baby sharks float on top of the mother shark. These little sharks will certainly offer lots of fun in the bath tub. I like that they are one big happy family.

Adorable Dora Bath Toys

Dora The Explorer Splash Around Dora and Boots

Dora The Explorer Splash

Do you know a little girl who loves Dora the Explorer? Dora makes bath-time fun time with this fun bath toy, Splash Around Dora and Boots.

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Splash Around Dora and Boots is made very well so it will stand up to lots of hours of bath time play. At 14.99 it is a great deal for the money.

Dora has flippers that can be removed and she has a magical vest that changes colors. Dora float easily in the bathtub since she has a large plastic head that is sealed.

Boots is a little squirt-er. Meaning you can fill him with water and then squirt the water back out. This in its self will keep your child entertained and make bath-time fun. Since Boots can be filled with water, he doesn’t float very well, but that is okay since he comes with an pretty green inner tube that he can sit on to help him float.

I like that both characters are smiling and having fun!

I like that this toy is very colorful and made of the best quality. This Dora toy encourages your child to play pretend as she explores with Dora.

Fisher-Price Undersea Mermaid Dora The Explorer

dora explorer mermaidThis Dora Explorer Mermaid is adorable and perfect for the bathtub. I love that Dora’s hair looks so pretty. Her hair is brown, but she has really pretty pink highlights that run through it. And she comes with her own hair brush. Little girls can fix her hair.

Dora’s her arms are movable and her fin is removable.

Fisher-Price Undersea Mermaid Dora The Explorer would be a great gift for any child.

I love this Dora Explorer Mermaid Doll.

Ariel Bath Accessories

In October, Disney will be re-releasing The Little Mermaid which is one of my all time favorite Disney Movies. And little girls love Ariel, the mermaid princess.

So in celebration of the movie coming back out I wanted to share some of the new Ariel Bath Accessories and Ariel Bath Toys available for little girls.

Disney Princess Ariel’s Bath Time Playset

Disney Princess Ariel's Bath Time Playset


I love this Ariel bath toy. This Ariel toy sits easily on the side of the bathtub. There are many different ways your child can play with this…but be warned, she will not want to get out of the tub. It is just that much fun.

There is a flower cup thing that can be filled with water and you can pour it over top, creating a waterfall. And there is an Ariel Doll that can swim around in the tub, or you can let her slide down the water slide. Flounder is also included which adds extra fun. And there is a sea shell shaped swing.

This bath toy would make the perfect gift for a young girl who is really into Disney or enjoys dolls or Disney Princess Dolls.

Disney Princess Ariel and Her Sisters Doll Set

ariel bath dollA great addition to this set would be adding and Ariel Bath Doll along with her mermaid sisters. This set includes 3 total dolls. My favorite feature with these mermaid dolls is that their tops change colors when they get wet. They are fun for the bath tub and would make any little girl smile.