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Adorable Bathtub Non-Slip Stickers

We just purchased a “fixer-upper” that has an old porcelain bathtub. And I actually love the bathtub but, I quickly discovered how slippery a porcelain tub can be. So I decided to get a bath mat for it. This way when I take a shower, I will feel secure and not have to worry about slipping. But I also want something non-slip for when my grandkids come over. I didn’t want to have to constantly remove a mat. I wanted something more permanent. So I decided to look into some stickers.

I found some of the most adorable bathtub non-slip stickers. The set that I choose is the Sea Creature Non-Slip Stickers. This set of sea creature stickers contains 20 adorable ocean characters. There are all sorts of fish including a clownfish that looks like Nemo. And there are shells, crabs, a whale, starfish, and a sea turtle.

All you have to do is apply these stickers to the bottom of a clean dry bathtub by removing the backing paper. Press them down so they are attached.

These non-slip bathtub stickers are a bit rough to the touch. This is intentional as they are designed so people don’t slip while taking a shower or bathing. I like that they make bath time safe, yet they are not so rough that they hurt the baby’s bottom. I actually have taken a bath with the stickers in the bathtub and it was actually fine. I like that I feel safer getting in and out of the tub. But more importantly, I feel better about my grand babies playing in the tub and not slipping.

The kids really seem to love these colorful sea creature stickies.

Adorable Duck Bathtub Toy Organizer

I love this adorable Duck Bathtub Toy Organizer by Nora’s Nursery. It is the perfect way to store infant and toddlers bathtub toys.

This bright yellow duck organizer is huge and fun. Kids will be excited to put away their toys. It sort of becomes a game for them to help keep the bathroom clean.

And this canvas bag can fit a lot of toys. It is made of hygienic synthetic rubber so there are no worries about germs, mold or bacteria. Clean up is easy. And because the duck is mesh, all of the toys can air dry. The last thing you want is for water to sit in toys and get create bacteria or mold. With this storage bag, the toys can easily dry out.

One of the biggest frustrations with other storage bags is that the suction cup loses suction and the toys fall down everywhere. This is not a problem as it comes with a large suction cup so the duck can stay attached even if there is a lot of toddler toys in the bag.

This bag isn’t just for the bathroom though. Duck lovers can use it anywhere in the house. Because of its large size, it is perfect for outdoor things like sand toys and pool toys. You could even use it in the playroom to store smaller toys like lego’s or blocks. Or use in the kitchen for storage of toddler sippy cups and bowls.

This duck bag may even be the perfect gift for an adult who’s a fan of ducks. It could be used in a garage or shed for storage as well.

Or you could attach the storage bag to the back of the passenger car seat of your vehicle as a great way to store toys as you travel. This way your toddler can be entertained but there will be no worries of toys all over the place.



Bath Color Tablets

Crayola Color Bath Dropz

green colored bath water

What isn’t fun about colored water? It is way fun especially if you are a toddler.

Kids love to color with bright colored crayons. So why not color the bath water as well? These Crayola Color Drop z add a bright color to bath water. Simply drop a couple tablets into the water and the water will turn that color.

This container of Color bath drops includes 60 colored drops. Just think of all the hours of fun you can have with these.

These bath  color tablets are perfectly safe to use as they are not toxic. And unlike food coloring, Crayola Bath Drops will not stain your child’s skin. And they also will not stain the wash cloths or bath towels.

Something that is fun to do is to add a bit of bubble bath before you add the color dropz. This way the bubbles are colored as well.

You can also teach kids about how mixing primary colors, they can create secondary colors. They will have fun watching a red tablet and a blue tablet turn into the color purple. They will have a good time learning all about how to make colors.

You could also encourage good behavior with your child throughout the day by rewarding your child with a colorful bubble bath.  And if they have been excellent, you might reward with 2 drops.

Playskool Sesame Street Bath Time Elmo

Sesame Street was popular when I was a child. My kids who are now adults also loved Sesame Street. My middle daughter especially loved Elmo. She thought he was just the greatest. I remember back in the 90’s when she had a Tickle Me Elmo doll.

If I would have let her, she would have had him in the tub with her. But of course that wouldn’t have worked.

These days there are way more options for kids, and if someone had a child who loves Elmo like my Jessie did, then This Elmo Bathtub toy is an awesome idea.

This Playskool Sesame Street Bath Time Elmo Doll is the perfect companion for any toddler who doesn’t like to bathe alone. This Elmo doll is made of a quick drying material that can get wet. And Elmo can get completely saturated which is perfect for bathtime. But he would also love to go swimming in a pool as well since he is already wearing his swim trunks.

Just like all of your bath tub toys, you should make sure it is able to dry pretty quickly so it doesn’t get mouldy or smelly. I suggest hanging it up so it can drip dry in the bathtub. There is a hook on the top for easy storage. Or you can squeeze it out and then throw it in the dryer for a little bit of time.

I was surprised and pleased to see that this doll is very reasonably priced. But the best thing about this doll, other than the price is that it is a pretty decent size. Your toddler will feel like they have a friend taking a bath with them.

I also wanted to mention that he doesn’t have any removable parts, meaning his eyes and nose are all a part of the fabric. So you don’t need to worry about any sort of parts ending up in your child’s mouth.

I think this Elmo bathtime doll would be a big hit with any child who is a fan of Sesame Street.

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Cushioned Bath Tub

A Cushioned Bath Tub versus a hard plastic bathing Tub

blow up bath tubWhen I had my babies many years ago, I received a hard plastic baby bathing tub to bathe my new infant. The purpose was to make it easier to bath a small baby without having to fill up a tub.

Because a baby bathtub is smaller, it makes it much easier to hold onto baby and keep them from sliding and hitting their head on a hard surface.

But the problem I had was when my baby was to big for the infant bath tub, but far too small for the family tub. So I’m glad to see that now there is a solution for those babies that are that “in between age”. The solution is a cushioned bath tub which fits snugly in the large bath tub. This baby tub helps make it easier to hold baby without her sliding everywhere. And the cushioned sides makes it less likely for head bumps.

50% of All Bathtub Accident Involve Toddlers.

Speaking of head bumps….Did you know that 50 % of bathtub accidents involve toddlers. Most of those injuries happen because of the toddler slipping and falling. When you use a cushioned bath tub you are making it much less likely that your child will injure themselves.

A Tub Inside A Tub

This is why I love the Leachco Bath ‘N Bumber. It really is a “tub inside a tub” because there is such a snug fit. This baby tub has a slip safe bottom so you don’t need to worry about it sliding around. The sides are cushioned which is going to give support for baby and it will make it much easier to wash and shampoo a slippery infant. After bathing baby simply flip over and leave in bathtub to dry or let it hang on your shower head. This product is also washable. Simply wash on a gentle cycle and then place it in your dryer.

This cushioned bath tub is very pretty. It has adorable little sea creatures with a blue back ground.

This baby bath tub would make the perfect gift for any new mother.

Don’t Forget The Baby Bath Toys

One of the easiest ways to keep baby for moving around in the bathtub and trying to stand up is to give them some baby bath toys to play with. I suggest toys that are small enough to play with in the tub but can handle getting wet. And I also suggest toys that help encourage learning. Here are a few popular bathtub toys for baby.


Big Dragonfly High Quality Cute Pirate Ship Kits

If you are looking for the perfect bath time toy that has lots of activities for your toddler, then this Big Dragonfly High Quality Cute Pirate Ship Kit is sure to be a hit.

This Big Dragonfly Pirate ship is made of “green” materials that are safe for kids.

I like that this ship has tons of activities that encourage fun but also learning.

Really, there is lots to do!

This ship has a captain with a patch who steers the wheel.

There is a red button in the front of the ship that can be pushed. When you do that, water comes out of the bottom and makes the bottom of the ship spin around.

There is a basin that your child can fill with bath water and pour it into the ship. Then you can make the cannon shoot water out. Also, water comes out of the cabin.

One of the features that I like is that the back of the ship has two suction cups so it can stick to the wall or bath tub.

This pirate ship would also be great for a toddler pool or a sand box. And it would make a perfect gift for a boy or a girl.

Dragonfly has a huge line or unique toddler toys. Click here to check them out today.

Ambi Duck Family – Childs Bathtime Toy

ambi duck familyIf you are looking for a cute duck bath toy for a gift, then I have the perfect gift. This Ambi Duck Family Bathtime Toy is terific. It is a colorful duck family! And The Mother duck has room for her three little chicks inside her tail end.

The mother duck is 7 inches tall and she is plastic and matches her little ones. They are made of hard plastic that holds up well and can be played with for years and be passed down to younger siblings. Also the colors don’t fade.

These ducks help toddlers with recognizing the primary colors and can practice counting. Plus they get to simply have fun as they play in the bath tub.

These ducks float on top of the water and are sure to bring enjoyment to any childs bath time.

Younger children may need a bit of help removing the little ducks from the mothers tail but that is really the only con with this toy.

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Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy

Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath ToyBreyer makes the best horse toys for kids. And this Breyer Jasimine Color Surprise Bath toy is no different. This horse is pink and white(light pink). She is 7 and a half inches tall. It is recommended for children 3 and up.

This bathtub toy horse is perfect for little boys or girls that love horses. It is really sturdy and can hold up to lots and lots of baths.

The horse is designed to change colors when it is submerged in warm water. The color changes from pink to white when it gets wet. And then it turns back to pink when the horse is dry.

Also there are a lot of accessories that go with it. It comes with slippers and a blanket to keep Jasmin when she isn’t being bathed. It also comes with a brush so you can brush the mane which is both dark pink and light pink.

This Breyer Jasmine horse has a mane of hair that can be combed and brushed. One of the nice things about this horse is the hair stays soft even after it gets wet, so the hair doesn’t get all tangled up.

This bathtub horse toy would make a great gift.


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Benefits Of Bathing A Baby

baby hooded bath towelThere are many benefits of bathing a baby, other then the obvious.The biggest benefits of bath time is the bonding that happens between a mother and child. I don’t know, it is just something about the warm water that seems to calm.

But also I think it is the connection between mother and child. When you are giving your child a bath, and you speak in a low voice you will have their full attention. Baby feels so safe a secure in mommies arms. Bath time is really special for both mother and child. A warm bath is very relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, bath time is the perfect way to calm down a crying baby. It is a trick that I used on my babies. When they were over tired and wouldn’t go to sleep, I would put them in a calming bath and they would just relax. Often they would fall asleep before I even had a chance to dress them for bed.

A warm bath is also good for an over stimulated baby. The warm water just seems to soothe babies right down. I’m not really sure what it is. It just feels good.

Bathing a baby can also be a great time to teach your child how to count, recognize colors, practice hand eye coordination and many other things. There are lots of bath toys and bath games that encourage learning.

Bath time is just fun. Kids need to laugh and have a good time. Bath-toys are a great way to get them to love take a bath.

After you bath your baby comes what I think is the best time of all, snuggle time. Be sure to have a warm bath towel ready to cuddle up your little boy or girl.  Now do you see why there are many benefits of bathing a baby?

How To Clean Baby Bath Squirt Toys

We all love to let our kids play with toys while bathing, but if the bath toys don’t dry out well, they can grow mold and mildew which isn’t good for children. For the most part, it is as simple as ensuring you are letting your toys air dry. But squirt toys can be more challenging when it comes to preventing mold. It is recommended that you clean all bath toys at least once a month.

Here is how to clean baby bath squirt toys:

It is easier than you think to get baby bath squirt toys clean and keep them clean so they are safe for your baby to play with. I am going to give you some simple tips.

For brand new baby bath toys, be sure to squeeze out all of the water as soon as bath time is over. Then hang toys in a toy net so that they can drip dry or if you don’t have a toy net simply lay them out on a towel so they can dry completely.

For older squirt toys that have mold in them because they were not dried out and stored properly, I suggest using a bleach solution to clean out the toys. Fill a gallon container with water and 1 cup of bleach. Squeeze the solution into the to and shake around then squeeze out. Let the toy sit in the bleach water for a few minutes. Then rinse in warm water. I also like to squeeze some of the clean water into the squirter as well.

Now follow the same instructions as above. Go ahead and let the toys hang dry so that mold doesn’t grow.

Rita suggests using vinegar and baking soda.

This makes sense to me because I have heard that both vinegar and baking soda is good for cleaning coffee pots and other household items. This video explains how to do it.


If you want an easier process, simply use an over the counter Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner, like Trinity Vibes. Simply squirt it on toys for easy cleaning. And for squirter toys, let the toy suck in a bit of the liquid. Then rinse out with warm water and let hang dry.