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Crayola Bathtub Crayons

play visions crayola bathtub crayonsI think one of the biggest fantasy of kids is to be able to draw on walls with crayons. And that is exactly what kids get to do with Crayola Bathtub Crayons.

I like that Bathtub crayons give kids a chance to be creative and draw or write all over the tub and tile walls. They get to express their self in a save way as these crayons are non toxic. They are easy to wash off.

Crayola Bathtub Crayons can also make bath time educational. You could encourage your child to practice writing letters or numbers as well as words. And they will be so entertained with the crayons that they don’t realize they are getting clean.

This set comes with 9 bright colored crayons.

Crayola Bathtub Markers

Crayola also has Markers that are also safe to use. Crayola Bathtub Markers are nice if your child tends to break crayons. Markers wont break into smaller pieces like the crayons will. They are a bit bolder

and darker but just as easy to wash away. This set comes with 4 traditional colors, red, blue, green, orange and there is also a mystery color which is always fun.

crayola 40-count washable no drip painCrayola 40-Count Washable No Drip Paint Brush Pens

Painting is another fun way to do art in the tub and these crayola paint brush pens are perfect. They are so much fun! The pen is easy to use as the paint flows very easily down to the brush. There is no need to squeeze the pens. They paint very easily and kids love them. Just like the crayons and markers, the paint easily washes away when bath time is done.

Kids Hooded Bath Towels

Of course bath time is fun with all the fun toddler toys. But after bath can be nice too, if your child has one of these cute and adorable kids hooded bath towels. The think I like best about after a bath is snuggling up and settling down for the night. What I like most about the towels on this page is they all have hoods on them, which help keep your child from getting chilled after a bath.

Here are some of the most popular kids bath towels. These kids bath towels can also work well for the beach or swimming pool. There is nothing like seeing a child with goose bumps from being cold. These towels are sure to keep them all snug and warm.

alligator hooded towelAlligator Hooded Towel:

This colorful alligator bath towel is made of 100% soft cotton. It is adorable and perfect for dying off. Little boys love walking around and pretending to be an alligator. This hooded bath towel would make the perfect gift and would be great for swimming as well as bath time.

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Frog hooded bath towelFrog Hooded Bath Towel

I love, love, love this Jumping Beans® Frog Hooded Bath Towel, in Green it is so cute. Any little boy or girl will love using it to dry off after a bath or after swimming. But it is also perfect for lounging with. This hooded bath towel is nice and soft and warm. It is a good quality bath towel that is made of 100% cotton.

This cute frog would make a terrific gift for birthday or any holiday.

Adorable Dora Bath Toys

Dora The Explorer Splash Around Dora and Boots

Dora The Explorer Splash

Do you know a little girl who loves Dora the Explorer? Dora makes bath-time fun time with this fun bath toy, Splash Around Dora and Boots.

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Splash Around Dora and Boots is made very well so it will stand up to lots of hours of bath time play. At 14.99 it is a great deal for the money.

Dora has flippers that can be removed and she has a magical vest that changes colors. Dora float easily in the bathtub since she has a large plastic head that is sealed.

Boots is a little squirt-er. Meaning you can fill him with water and then squirt the water back out. This in its self will keep your child entertained and make bath-time fun. Since Boots can be filled with water, he doesn’t float very well, but that is okay since he comes with an pretty green inner tube that he can sit on to help him float.

I like that both characters are smiling and having fun!

I like that this toy is very colorful and made of the best quality. This Dora toy encourages your child to play pretend as she explores with Dora.

Fisher-Price Undersea Mermaid Dora The Explorer

dora explorer mermaidThis Dora Explorer Mermaid is adorable and perfect for the bathtub. I love that Dora’s hair looks so pretty. Her hair is brown, but she has really pretty pink highlights that run through it. And she comes with her own hair brush. Little girls can fix her hair.

Dora’s her arms are movable and her fin is removable.

Fisher-Price Undersea Mermaid Dora The Explorer would be a great gift for any child.

I love this Dora Explorer Mermaid Doll.

Melissa and Doug Sand Toys

sand toysSome of my fondest memories from childhood is being at the beach when I was a child. My siblings and I would play in the sand and build huge sand castles. We would also bury each other and pour water over each other. I was lucky to live near the beach as a child.

Raising my kids was much like my childhood except for we didn’t live near the beach. But my kids enjoyed playing with sand toys in the back yard in their sand box. They would play for hours sifting the sand and mixing it with water. There are so many creative ways kids can play with sand if they have the perfect sand toys.

Melissa and Doug make some of the most popular sand toys for kids. They have a huge collection of sand toys for kids to choose from. These sand toys have many uses which keep kids occupied for hours. Parents love these products because they are so durable. I think they are adorable! They are perfect for taking to the beach or playing with in the sand box. I highly recommend these sand toys for kids.

But don’t think sand toys are only for the beach. Let your toddler play with them in the tub. Kids love to pour and splash water. And what a great way to get rid of the dirty sand from playing outside.
Melissa & Doug Sand Toys

Alex Toys Pirates of The Tub

Little boys and girls love playing pretend. So this Alex Toys Pirates of The Tub is sure to be a hit.

Pirate Bathtub ToyThis Pirate toy is a floating raft made of foam. So all of the foam pieces float in the water and can stick to the side of the bathtub wall. It is a large set that has lots of pieces, 38 in all. So it is sure to keep any child entertained while taking a bath. But it would also be fun for a toddlers swimming pool.

The 38 pieces include a Pirate people that can fill up with water a squirt. But there is the island piece which is sort of like a puzzle. They connect together and are strong enough to hold quite a bit of toys. But you can also build a pirate ship. There is also a mesh storage bag for helping the toys to dry out.

This alex toys pirates tub encourages imaginative play. Kids will have so much fun playing with this pirate set.

14″ Lola Bath Time

Little girls love to play with baby dolls  And 14 Lola Bath Time is adorable. She isn’t just cute, but is very realistic looking. I love all of the detail that was put into her face as well has her happy smile. I mean look at the wrinkles. She looks like a real infant.

This bath time doll is 14 inches tall and is vinyl. She also is anatomically correct. Plus she looks just like a real baby, but since she is vinyl it is okay if she gets wet.

Children learn a lot through play. And while bathing Lola, your little one learns to clean but also how to be gentle and give cuddles as well as dressing.

What little girl wouldn’t want to bring Lola into the bath with her? Lola has her own Pink robe with matching slippers!

Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout

Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout

Does Your Toddler Love Playing in water?

My gosh, my kids loved bath time and they loved playing in water. Do yours? If they do then they will go nuts playing with this Fun fountain! It really is pretty neat. This is a self pumping toy so it is a great alternative to running the faucet. Kids play with the fountain and enjoy the cups as well. Be sure to check out the demonstration below.
Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout

The Yookidoo Flow N Fill Spout is sure to be a favorite for bath time. There are lots of activities to make bath time fun plus kids learn while playing.

VTech Pour and Float Froggy Electronic Bath Toy

Float FroggyThis is the best bathtub toy for toddlers. This cute frog is an electronic water fountain that works automatically. When you lay the frog on his back, water squirts up like a fountain. Plus this  comes with 3 little cups that nest together inside of the frogs belly. You little one can fill the cups with water, or stack them into a tall tower, or simply nest them. My favorite part is the fact that this bath toy is interactive. When you child presses on his tummy the frog plays music and says a few cute phrases.

VTech Pour and Float Froggy Electronic Bath Toy