Cushioned Bath Tub

A Cushioned Bath Tub versus a hard plastic bathing Tub

blow up bath tubWhen I had my babies many years ago, I received a hard plastic baby bathing tub to bathe my new infant. The purpose was to make it easier to bath a small baby without having to fill up a tub.

Because a baby bathtub is smaller, it makes it much easier to hold onto baby and keep them from sliding and hitting their head on a hard surface.

But the problem I had was when my baby was to big for the infant bath tub, but far too small for the family tub. So I’m glad to see that now there is a solution for those babies that are that “in between age”. The solution is a cushioned bath tub which fits snugly in the large bath tub. This baby tub helps make it easier to hold baby without her sliding everywhere. And the cushioned sides makes it less likely for head bumps.

50% of All Bathtub Accident Involve Toddlers.

Speaking of head bumps….Did you know that 50 % of bathtub accidents involve toddlers. Most of those injuries happen because of the toddler slipping and falling. When you use a cushioned bath tub you are making it much less likely that your child will injure themselves.

A Tub Inside A Tub

This is why I love the Leachco Bath ‘N Bumber. It really is a “tub inside a tub” because there is such a snug fit. This baby tub has a slip safe bottom so you don’t need to worry about it sliding around. The sides are cushioned which is going to give support for baby and it will make it much easier to wash and shampoo a slippery infant. After bathing baby simply flip over and leave in bathtub to dry or let it hang on your shower head. This product is also washable. Simply wash on a gentle cycle and then place it in your dryer.

This cushioned bath tub is very pretty. It has adorable little sea creatures with a blue back ground.

This baby bath tub would make the perfect gift for any new mother.

Don’t Forget The Baby Bath Toys

One of the easiest ways to keep baby for moving around in the bathtub and trying to stand up is to give them some baby bath toys to play with. I suggest toys that are small enough to play with in the tub but can handle getting wet. And I also suggest toys that help encourage learning. Here are a few popular bathtub toys for baby.


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