FUNERICA Fun Duck Bath Toy for Toddler

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This Funerica Bath toy is the funniest toy for toddlers. It is very entertaining and full of surprises. If your child likes to play with water, then this toy will not let them down.

This colorful duck is a toy made especially for bath time. Although it is a toy that is full of surprises, it is also very educational as children get to use their fine motor skills. Plus they get to learn how their actions have effects on things.

This Duck Bath Toy is really easy to use, as there is no installation required. Simply stick it to the side of the tub with the suction cup. You don’t need anything except water to make it work.

Here is how The Fun Duck Bath Toy works: The child pours some water into the hat that sits on top of the ducks head. ย This makes his stomach spin around a bit moving the water. Then after a few moments, the duck spits the water out through his mouth.

This is sure to get a fun reaction and laugh from your little one! Your child is sure to be surprised if not a bit shocked when they get squirted. ๐Ÿ™‚

But the duck isn’t done with just one squirt of water. In a few moments, he will open his mouth again and spit out some more. What fun!

This toy helps kids learn cause and effect of their actions. When they pour water in the hat, it causes water to squirt out of the duck’s mouth. So they will be learning as they play.

Your child is sure to enjoy bath-time from now on. I bet they will be begging for a bath.

This toy also comes with a bonus! You get a floating clown-fish. I bet I know what they will name him.

2 thoughts on “FUNERICA Fun Duck Bath Toy for Toddler

  1. Helen

    Wendy, I have decided that I need one of these ducks. Or maybe a few. That way I can fill all the hats, turn the right way and my hair will get rinsed. A bit of bath tub exercise.

    What a great toy for tots. All we had was push around ones and that was pretty good way back then.

    I can see a lot of people entertaining their young ones with these.



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