How To Clean Baby Bath Squirt Toys

We all love to let our kids play with toys while bathing, but if the bath toys don’t dry out well, they can grow mold and mildew which isn’t good for children. For the most part, it is as simple as ensuring you are letting your toys air dry. But squirt toys can be more challenging when it comes to preventing mold. It is recommended that you clean all bath toys at least once a month.

Here is how to clean baby bath squirt toys:

It is easier than you think to get baby bath squirt toys clean and keep them clean so they are safe for your baby to play with. I am going to give you some simple tips.

For brand new baby bath toys, be sure to squeeze out all of the water as soon as bath time is over. Then hang toys in a toy net so that they can drip dry or if you don’t have a toy net simply lay them out on a towel so they can dry completely.

For older squirt toys that have mold in them because they were not dried out and stored properly, I suggest using a bleach solution to clean out the toys. Fill a gallon container with water and 1 cup of bleach. Squeeze the solution into the to and shake around then squeeze out. Let the toy sit in the bleach water for a few minutes. Then rinse in warm water. I also like to squeeze some of the clean water into the squirter as well.

Now follow the same instructions as above. Go ahead and let the toys hang dry so that mold doesn’t grow.

Rita suggests using vinegar and baking soda.

This makes sense to me because I have heard that both vinegar and baking soda is good for cleaning coffee pots and other household items. This video explains how to do it.


If you want an easier process, simply use an over the counter Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner, like Trinity Vibes. Simply squirt it on toys for easy cleaning. And for squirter toys, let the toy suck in a bit of the liquid. Then rinse out with warm water and let hang dry.

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