Kidskit / Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch

I had 3 kids who were all within a few years of age. And when they were younger it seemed like I was always tripping over toys, especially in the bathroom. Kids love to play with lots of bath toys which is great, but we need to have a place to store the bath toys in such a way that they can dry out while not creating clutter in the bathroom.

And there are lots of different solutions for keeping your tub toy free. The best solution is by using a sort of storage system. Both bath hammocks or bath toy storage pouches need to hang with suction cups over the tub so the water can drip off the toys. But sometimes these kind of bath toy hammocks can move or slip. They may not be the best solution to your problem.

The best solution is a storage unit that attaches to the side of the tub. Kidskit / Pelican Bath Toy Storage PouchWhich is why I am excited about this adorable Kidskit / Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch.

First of all it this Pelican Bath Toy Storage Pouch is adorable! The Pelican has a nice wide open mouth that has a washable mesh basket that is able to store lots of bathtub toys and floating toys while letting them dry out at the same time. The water simply drips into the tub. There is very little chance of toys collecting mold and mildew.

Kids love this Pelican and love to pick up their toys so they can fill up his mouth. The Pelican makes clean up after the bath fun for kids.

Parent like the Pelican toy storage because it is easy for them to move the storage unit to take a bath or shower. Simply move the pouch so it is hanging on the outside of the bath rather than the inside. Don’t worry, it will not interfere with grownup bath time.

This hammock will work with any age group. I like that it is visually appealing and it really doesn’t take up to much space.

So if you are looking for a way to store those toys that kids love so much, you should check out this pelican bath storage.



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