Lifelike Baby Dolls For Bathtime Play

One of the best toys for bath time is a lifelike baby doll. Girls and boys love to play pretend. And girls especially really enjoy pretending to be Mommy taking care of her baby.

Toy dolls are great to creativity as well as learning. Playing with a doll teaches the child about the different body parts. Plus it teaches them how to be kind and loving and care for something.

Regular toy dolls can get destroyed if they become wet, especially if the toy get submerged in water. But lifelike baby dolls can be treated just like a real baby. Little mommy’s or Daddy’s can wash the babies hair and body and there is no worries of damaging the toy. Simply dry off the doll with a terry cloth.

Here are some of the dolls that I recommend for bath-time.

 Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy Doll

First of all, Isn’t he just the cutest?! Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy Doll is the perfect size for a toddler. It is easy to hold onto and has a nice vanilla scent. It dries very quickly if you let it air dry.

After bath time, when you lay him down for a bath, his eyes close as he goes to sleep. His body is soft so your little one can even sleep with baby if they want to.

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll is also available.

Little Baby 13″ Bathtime Doll Bath Set for Kids

I like that this 13 inch doll comes with it’s own bath-tub as well as fun accessories to go along with it. The shower head is movable and really works. So it makes bathing the baby even more fun.

After your child baths this little one she can dress here in the bathrobe and baby clothes that are included.



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