Melissa and Doug Sand Toys

sand toysSome of my fondest memories from childhood is being at the beach when I was a child. My siblings and I would play in the sand and build huge sand castles. We would also bury each other and pour water over each other. I was lucky to live near the beach as a child.

Raising my kids was much like my childhood except for we didn’t live near the beach. But my kids enjoyed playing with sand toys in the back yard in their sand box. They would play for hours sifting the sand and mixing it with water. There are so many creative ways kids can play with sand if they have the perfect sand toys.

Melissa and Doug make some of the most popular sand toys for kids. They have a huge collection of sand toys for kids to choose from. These sand toys have many uses which keep kids occupied for hours. Parents love these products because they are so durable. I think they are adorable! They are perfect for taking to the beach or playing with in the sand box. I highly recommend these sand toys for kids.

But don’t think sand toys are only for the beach. Let your toddler play with them in the tub. Kids love to pour and splash water. And what a great way to get rid of the dirty sand from playing outside.
Melissa & Doug Sand Toys

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