Munchkin Inflatable Safety Tub

Munchkin Inflatable Safety tubI love the idea of placing an inflatable safety tub inside your bathtub. This helps keep baby and small toddler (babies between 6 and 2 years) safe and secure. They will be much less likely to fall or possibly bump their head on the tub or faucet.

Another option for small infants is to fill the tub while it is sitting on the counter top. You can easily and securely bath baby without having to bend over. When the child is over and able to sit up, you can then move to the inside of the bathtub.

The inflatable baby bathtub is comfy soft, but the bottom is slip resistant since it is textured.

Another feature that every parent will appreciate is the safety warning that appears if the water is too hot for baby.

This Munchkin tub is available in two varieties. There is a grey seal as well as a yellow ducky.

Once bath-time is over you can easy hang the deflated safety tub on the side of the tub by adhering the suction cups to the tile wall. The dub will drain well so it will prevent mold and mildew.

 Munchkin Inflatable Safety Grey Seal Tub

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