Munchkin Snail Stacker Bath Toy

If you are looking for a tub toy for a baby 9 months or older, then this is the one for you.

Munchkin Snail Stacker Bath Toy

This Munchkin Snail Stacker Bath Toy is perfect for girls or boys. This cute little snail floats on top of the water. There are three stack able rings that fit on top of the snail. And there is a cute Flower top that is also a water squinter.

This bathtub toy is great for developing fine motor skills. The more you child plays with it they will get better with hand eye coordination. And they will eventually realize that each ring is a different size. So they can learn to stack them starting with the larger then to the smaller rings and then ending up with the flower on top.

Each of the three rings all have a feature that encourages learning. One has beads which helps your little one learn how to count. Another rink is a shaker. Another ring is a shaker. The baby learns that it will make a noise when the ring is shaken. And the third ring has a “spinny” thing that moves when water goes on it.

But the most important thing is that it is cute and fun. You baby will love it and be entertained  while playing. And since baby is happy and content, it makes it much easier for Mom to do the cleaning part of the bath.

This snail bathtub toy would make the perfect gift for older baby or toddler.

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