Playskool Sesame Street Bath Time Elmo

Sesame Street was popular when I was a child. My kids who are now adults also loved Sesame Street. My middle daughter especially loved Elmo. She thought he was just the greatest. I remember back in the 90’s when she had a Tickle Me Elmo doll.

If I would have let her, she would have had him in the tub with her. But of course that wouldn’t have worked.

These days there are way more options for kids, and if someone had a child who loves Elmo like my Jessie did, then This Elmo Bathtub toy is an awesome idea.

This Playskool Sesame Street Bath Time Elmo Doll is the perfect companion for any toddler who doesn’t like to bathe alone. This Elmo doll is made of a quick drying material that can get wet. And Elmo can get completely saturated which is perfect for bathtime. But he would also love to go swimming in a pool as well since he is already wearing his swim trunks.

Just like all of your bath tub toys, you should make sure it is able to dry pretty quickly so it doesn’t get mouldy or smelly. I suggest hanging it up so it can drip dry in the bathtub. There is a hook on the top for easy storage. Or you can squeeze it out and then throw it in the dryer for a little bit of time.

I was surprised and pleased to see that this doll is very reasonably priced. But the best thing about this doll, other than the price is that it is a pretty decent size. Your toddler will feel like they have a friend taking a bath with them.

I also wanted to mention that he doesn’t have any removable parts, meaning his eyes and nose are all a part of the fabric. So you don’t need to worry about any sort of parts ending up in your child’s mouth.

I think this Elmo bathtime doll would be a big hit with any child who is a fan of Sesame Street.

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2 thoughts on “Playskool Sesame Street Bath Time Elmo

  1. Calvin

    Hey great review of the Elmo doll. Like you I would be worried about bacterial growth in this to my as it is made of fabric and is soft. I have found that the insides of these type of toys do not always dry all the way. Is this toy machine washable?


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