Rub a Dub Monsters in My Tub

rub a dub monsters in my tubThe reason why parents give their kids bath toys to play with is it helps to keep them entertained while bathing. This way you don’t have to worry about the child trying to stand up in the bath and then slipping and hurting themselves. Plus it is easier to wash them when they are content and sitting still rather than squirming all over the place.

The perfect toys for kids are those like the adorable monsters that are small for little hands. They are vinyl so they are easy to squeeze and they make a squeaking noise. But kids like that they are squirters! So you better watch out, Mom or you might get wet. I love the bright colors of the little guys. And they sure are trying their best to be scary looking, but it just isn’t working because they are so cute and funny.

These monsters come with their own mesh bag that easily hangs with suction cups. No worries about these guys not getting dry. But if your kids like them the way many kids do they will want to play with them long after the bath is over.

These Rub a Dub Monsters are great for infants and toddlers any age, but I find that toddlers between 6 and 12 months like them the most.

Alex Toys Rub a Dub Monsters in My Tub

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