Swimways Gobble Gobble Guppies

​I love this Shark that dives in and gobbles up guppies. Don’t be scared though, it is only a toy and this shark has a happy smiley face. He doesn’t bit or hurt. He only takes the guppies in his mouth. And the guppies are happy too. Just look at their cute smiles. And I gotta tell you, this is an awesome toy that is perfect for 2 year old children.

swimways gobble gobble guppiesSwimways Gobble Gobble Guppies is a water toy that can be played with in the swimming pool or the bathtub. It is a catching and counting toy. The shark has a trigger that opens his mouth so he can swoop through the water and gobble up a guppy. The shark is very colorful and is a bright orange. The guppies are a bright green color.

The guppies (fish) are numbered so you can teach your child to count and recognize numbers. They can count as they catch and eat the guppies.

This toy is the perfect size for a toddler to play with in a bathtub. Since the fish are fairly small, they will not get lost. It would also be a fun toy for a baby pool for the same reason. However a large (deeper) pool isn’t recommended as the little guppies could easily get lost or be difficult for your child to find.

I also wanted to make parents aware that I read a review over at amazon.com that they used it in their family swimming pool last summer and the shark faded from the chlorine. I don’t think I would let this deter me from getting it as a toy for the pool though, as I still think it is a great toy for the price. My kids have played with many pool toys over the year and I think it is pretty normal for there to be some fading in the color when a toy is played with a lot in the hot sun over a long summer.

But if you are looking for a bathtub toy that will keep you child engaged and entertained, then this Swimways Gobble Gobble Guppies is sure to be a hit in your family.


1 thought on “Swimways Gobble Gobble Guppies

  1. Ken

    OMG…I bought this toy for my youngest son to play with in the pool. He absolutely loved it and had hours of fun catching the fish while he learned how to swim.
    Then when he was done with them or was with his mother. My friends and I invented a game with them involving adult beverages.

    GREAT TOY????


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