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Ariel Bath Accessories

In October, Disney will be re-releasing The Little Mermaid which is one of my all time favorite Disney Movies. And little girls love Ariel, the mermaid princess.

So in celebration of the movie coming back out I wanted to share some of the new Ariel Bath Accessories and Ariel Bath Toys available for little girls.

Disney Princess Ariel’s Bath Time Playset

Disney Princess Ariel's Bath Time Playset


I love this Ariel bath toy. This Ariel toy sits easily on the side of the bathtub. There are many different ways your child can play with this…but be warned, she will not want to get out of the tub. It is just that much fun.

There is a flower cup thing that can be filled with water and you can pour it over top, creating a waterfall. And there is an Ariel Doll that can swim around in the tub, or you can let her slide down the water slide. Flounder is also included which adds extra fun. And there is a sea shell shaped swing.

This bath toy would make the perfect gift for a young girl who is really into Disney or enjoys dolls or Disney Princess Dolls.

Disney Princess Ariel and Her Sisters Doll Set

ariel bath dollA great addition to this set would be adding and Ariel Bath Doll along with her mermaid sisters. This set includes 3 total dolls. My favorite feature with these mermaid dolls is that their tops change colors when they get wet. They are fun for the bath tub and would make any little girl smile.