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Thomas The Train: Bath Buddies Fun Pack

thomas the train bath buddiesThomas the Tank has been a popular item for kids for quite a few years. I know my son loved Thomas the Tank. So I had to add this fun bath toy to my blog.

Thomas The Train: Bath buddies Fun Pack is the perfect toy for a toddler boy or girl. It is colorful and includes three different toys with three different activities. There is a Thomas car that is a squirter. So your child can squeeze it and suck up some water with it and the squirt it at the other cars or anywhere.

There is a boat shaped car that works great as a scooper and there is a yellow car that is a strainer. These fun friends are sure to bring fun to bath time. And they are also fun outside of the bath.

These Thomas the Tank bath toys are are the perfect size for little hands to hold onto and enjoy.  I think if you child likes Thomas and his friends then this set of bath buddies would be a great addition to your toy collection.