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Bath Color Tablets

Crayola Color Bath Dropz

green colored bath water

What isn’t fun about colored water? It is way fun especially if you are a toddler.

Kids love to color with bright colored crayons. So why not color the bath water as well? These Crayola Color Drop z add a bright color to bath water. Simply drop a couple tablets into the water and the water will turn that color.

This container of Color bath drops includes 60 colored drops. Just think of all the hours of fun you can have with these.

These bath  color tablets are perfectly safe to use as they are not toxic. And unlike food coloring, Crayola Bath Drops will not stain your child’s skin. And they also will not stain the wash cloths or bath towels.

Something that is fun to do is to add a bit of bubble bath before you add the color dropz. This way the bubbles are colored as well.

You can also teach kids about how mixing primary colors, they can create secondary colors. They will have fun watching a red tablet and a blue tablet turn into the color purple. They will have a good time learning all about how to make colors.

You could also encourage good behavior with your child throughout the day by rewarding your child with a colorful bubble bath.  And if they have been excellent, you might reward with 2 drops.