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Benefits Of Bathing A Baby

baby hooded bath towelThere are many benefits of bathing a baby, other then the obvious.The biggest benefits of bath time is the bonding that happens between a mother and child. I don’t know, it is just something about the warm water that seems to calm.

But also I think it is the connection between mother and child. When you are giving your child a bath, and you speak in a low voice you will have their full attention. Baby feels so safe a secure in mommies arms. Bath time is really special for both mother and child. A warm bath is very relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, bath time is the perfect way to calm down a crying baby. It is a trick that I used on my babies. When they were over tired and wouldn’t go to sleep, I would put them in a calming bath and they would just relax. Often they would fall asleep before I even had a chance to dress them for bed.

A warm bath is also good for an over stimulated baby. The warm water just seems to soothe babies right down. I’m not really sure what it is. It just feels good.

Bathing a baby can also be a great time to teach your child how to count, recognize colors, practice hand eye coordination and many other things. There are lots of bath toys and bath games that encourage learning.

Bath time is just fun. Kids need to laugh and have a good time. Bath-toys are a great way to get them to love take a bath.

After you bath your baby comes what I think is the best time of all, snuggle time. Be sure to have a warm bath towel ready to cuddle up your little boy or girl.  Now do you see why there are many benefits of bathing a baby?