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Tubside Kneeler Step Stool

One of the most difficult parts of bath time is the wear and tear on your knees. I have bad knees to begin with and kneeling next to the bathtub for an amount of time would really hurt. This is why I really love the tubside kneeler step stool.

This Safety 1st – Tubside Kneeler and Step Stool has a really sturdy base so you don’t need to worry about it sliding around on the floor. And there is a nice cushion top so your knees will not hurt. I like that there is also a nice arm rest so you can comfortably lean over to care for your toddler.

Another nice option with this step stool is the mesh storage bag. You can store baby shampoo and baby bath. You can easily grab the shampoo without having to take your eyes or a hand off of your child. This is very convenient.

Another nice thing about this kneeler is that it is simply pretty and can easily blend in with the decor of just about any bathroom. And it is waterproof so it is perfectly okay if the step stool gets splashed on.

The price listed at Walmart.com is just 19.95 which is a steal. I saw the same stool over at other places for $39.99.

This Kneeler will eventually be a nice sturdy step stool for your child down the road so you will be sure to get a lot of use out of it.

What do you think about this step stool?

image: Walmart.com