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Adorable Dora Bath Toys

Dora The Explorer Splash Around Dora and Boots

Dora The Explorer Splash

Do you know a little girl who loves Dora the Explorer? Dora makes bath-time fun time with this fun bath toy, Splash Around Dora and Boots.

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Splash Around Dora and Boots is made very well so it will stand up to lots of hours of bath time play. At 14.99 it is a great deal for the money.

Dora has flippers that can be removed and she has a magical vest that changes colors. Dora float easily in the bathtub since she has a large plastic head that is sealed.

Boots is a little squirt-er. Meaning you can fill him with water and then squirt the water back out. This in its self will keep your child entertained and make bath-time fun. Since Boots can be filled with water, he doesn’t float very well, but that is okay since he comes with an pretty green inner tube that he can sit on to help him float.

I like that both characters are smiling and having fun!

I like that this toy is very colorful and made of the best quality. This Dora toy encourages your child to play pretend as she explores with Dora.

Fisher-Price Undersea Mermaid Dora The Explorer

dora explorer mermaidThis Dora Explorer Mermaid is adorable and perfect for the bathtub. I love that Dora’s hair looks so pretty. Her hair is brown, but she has really pretty pink highlights that run through it. And she comes with her own hair brush. Little girls can fix her hair.

Dora’s her arms are movable and her fin is removable.

Fisher-Price Undersea Mermaid Dora The Explorer would be a great gift for any child.

I love this Dora Explorer Mermaid Doll.