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Adorable Duck Bathtub Toy Organizer

I love this adorable Duck Bathtub Toy Organizer by Nora’s Nursery. It is the perfect way to store infant and toddlers bathtub toys.

This bright yellow duck organizer is huge and fun. Kids will be excited to put away their toys. It sort of becomes a game for them to help keep the bathroom clean.

And this canvas bag can fit a lot of toys. It is made of hygienic synthetic rubber so there are no worries about germs, mold or bacteria. Clean up is easy. And because the duck is mesh, all of the toys can air dry. The last thing you want is for water to sit in toys and get create bacteria or mold. With this storage bag, the toys can easily dry out.

One of the biggest frustrations with other storage bags is that the suction cup loses suction and the toys fall down everywhere. This is not a problem as it comes with a large suction cup so the duck can stay attached even if there is a lot of toddler toys in the bag.

This bag isn’t just for the bathroom though. Duck lovers can use it anywhere in the house. Because of its large size, it is perfect for outdoor things like sand toys and pool toys. You could even use it in the playroom to store smaller toys like lego’s or blocks. Or use in the kitchen for storage of toddler sippy cups and bowls.

This duck bag may even be the perfect gift for an adult who’s a fan of ducks. It could be used in a garage or shed for storage as well.

Or you could attach the storage bag to the back of the passenger car seat of your vehicle as a great way to store toys as you travel. This way your toddler can be entertained but there will be no worries of toys all over the place.