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Turtle Family Bath Sets(set of 4) – Floating Bath Tub Toy

If you are looking for a floating bath tub toy for your toddler then you will want to consider this adorable turtle family. This set includes a large mommy turtle which can carry the three babies. The Mommy turtle is 8″ long.

Something that I really like about these turtles is that they really don’t do anything at all except float. And of course they are cute! But I like that they are just a simple toy that keeps toddlers entertained in the tub.

The larger (Mom) turtle squeaks when you squeeze it. And all 4 turtles can be squeezed and filled with water. So you can use them as squirt guns if you want to add some extra fun to bath time.

These floating turtles are a great deal because they are very inexpensive. They would be perfect for a baby shower and a birthday gift.

These Turtle Family Bath Sets are soft and safe. They do not contain Phthalate. They are durable and will last for a long time.

Turtle Family Bath Sets(set of 4) – Floating Bath Tub Toy

Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Another fun turtle bath toy is this Turtlemeter bath toy.  It is a floating turtle that is also a Bath Thermometer that checks the water temperature in order to make sure the water isn’t too hot.

This toy isn’t just a floating turtle. It is also a adorable and happy little friend that will make bath-time the best time of day.

Shark Bath Toys

BeginAgain Bathtub Ball-Eco Friendly Rubber Bathtub Toy

beginagain bathtub ballDo you have a shark lover in your life? This Bathtub Ball is the perfect shark bath toy for the tub. The ball protects the diver from a shark attack. I like that it encourages imaginative play. This a ball cage. Inside is the courageous diver. He can see the sharks but is safe from getting eaten up. This cage comes with two cute sharks and and purple octopus. Somehow, they don’t look very scary to me.

Now lets talk about the bathtub ball for a moment. This is not made of your typical plastic like most bath toys, this is made of natural rubber so it is Eco friendly. And it is soft and will not hurt your child if they should happen to chew on the ball. This rubber ball is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and hang dry. You can store the toys inside the ball.

This shark attack toy is perfect for babies since they are made of soft material and the parts are large enough that they are safe. And your child will continue to play with this toy well into their toddler years. This rubber shark toy is certain to be a hit in the bath tub as well as the swimming pool or beach. And of course it will make a terrific gift for any child.

Rubber Shark Family Bathtub Pals – Floating Bath Tub Toy

rubber shark bathtub palsI have to say this is the best great white shark toy out there. It is perfect for the pool or taking a bath. I love it.

These sharks are made of rubber and are little squeak toys.

There is a big giant shark that floats on top of the water and the three little baby sharks float on top of the mother shark. These little sharks will certainly offer lots of fun in the bath tub. I like that they are one big happy family.