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Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath Toy

Breyer Jasmine Color Surprise Bath ToyBreyer makes the best horse toys for kids. And this Breyer Jasimine Color Surprise Bath toy is no different. This horse is pink and white(light pink). She is 7 and a half inches tall. It is recommended for children 3 and up.

This bathtub toy horse is perfect for little boys or girls that love horses. It is really sturdy and can hold up to lots and lots of baths.

The horse is designed to change colors when it is submerged in warm water. The color changes from pink to white when it gets wet. And then it turns back to pink when the horse is dry.

Also there are a lot of accessories that go with it. It comes with slippers and a blanket to keep Jasmin when she isn’t being bathed. It also comes with a brush so you can brush the mane which is both dark pink and light pink.

This Breyer Jasmine horse has a mane of hair that can be combed and brushed. One of the nice things about this horse is the hair stays soft even after it gets wet, so the hair doesn’t get all tangled up.

This bathtub horse toy would make a great gift.


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