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Shampoo Eye Shield

KAIR Air Cushioned Bath VisorThere is nothing worse then getting shampoo in your eyes. And if it hurts you, just imagine how badly soap or shampoo can hurt your child’s eyes.

Many parents buy shampoo eye shields to help protect their children’s eyes. A shampoo eye shield also known as a shampoo visor is a sort of hat you put on the child’s head. The top is open similar to a sun visor. This way you can easily pour water over your child’s head without the water getting in their eyes. When you use a shampoo visor, there is no worries of hurting your child by getting shampoo in their eyes.

I recommend bath visors to any parent who is concerned about getting shampoo into their child’s eyes. But also, visors are great for toddlers who are in that stage of wanting to do their own hair. With a bath visor, they can do it themselves and you can relax.

The only problem with many shampoo shields is that many shampoo shields leak. But there are a lot of really good ones on the market. It is important to read some of the reviews on the product but also check that you are buying a quality product that prevents leaking.

One of the shampoo eye shields that I recommend is the KAIR Air Cushioned Bath Visor because it is guaranteed to not leak.

The reason it works so well is because it has air cushioning around the seal so there isn’t any leakage.

This bath visor also comes in 3 pretty colors and they are one size fits all.

Air Cushioned Bath Visor Color: Blue