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Fun Wind Up Bath Toys

finding nemo wind up bath toyWhen my kids were little one of their favorite bath toys were the wind up bath toys. They just loved watching them spin around or soar through the water.

These are fun because they moved all around the bath tub on their own. My kids had a huge collection of wind up toys which were also fun to play with out side of the bath tub.

The way most wind up toys work, is there is a little clip or leaver that sticks out of the toy. You turn it until it wont turn any more. As you turn the clip you are creating a tension. So don’t release it until you are ready to see it soar. 🙂 When you release the leaver it will spin around which cause the toy to move about the bath tub. And it will move pretty quickly.

There are many different kinds of wind up toys available for the pool and bathtub. There are boats that move across the top of the bath water and fish like Disney’s Nemo which swim on the bottom of the tub. There are even action figure that can swim across the bottom of the bathtub.

Wind Up Toys are Perfect for older children over 4 who are able to wind up the toys on their own.

I don’t recommend for younger kids or toddlers as the spinner could be too difficult to maneuver for smaller finger. And if the spinner were to fall out, it could cause a danger of chocking.